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In this Privacy Policy, “Traveldrift”, “we”, “us” and “our” are references to Travel Drift Limited, “you” and “your” are references to you, the website user, and “Tourism Supplier” means a third party for which we act as agent and accept bookings on its behalf.


This Privacy Policy is subject to change. It is your responsibility to view the current Privacy Policy when accessing the Traveldrift Website. Continued use of the Traveldrift Website constitutes your acceptance of this document and any changes to it. Last Reviewed August 2011.

Simply put:

  • We will not knowingly disclose your Personal Information to third parties, other than our Tourism Suppliers in the ordinary course of our business, and except as provided in this Privacy Policy;
  • We will allow you to view, correct or remove your Personal Information, in accordance with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1993; and
  • We will take reasonable steps to protect the security of the Personal Information we collect from you.


We collect and store information about your visits to our website. This information includes:

  • The IP address of your computer system when connecting to this site
  • The domain name from which you are accessing the internet
  • The operating system and browser your computer system uses
  • Any search engine you are using
  • The date and time of your visit and the pages that you view on our website
  • If you access this website using a device with an active “Geo Cache” functionality we may personalise the site to your current location
  • Personal information as entered into our website by you, and
  • Credit Card information, including transaction and card holder details.

You may be asked to provide personal information (i.e. information which is collected and identifiable as relating to you personally) before purchasing any product, making a booking, entering any competition or registering on the Traveldrift website. We will store this information as long as reasonably required for our business purposes.

You represent and warrant to Traveldrift that you have provided complete, accurate and current personal information when booking through this site or registering as a Member. It is your responsibility to maintain and update your personal information held by Traveldrift to ensure it is kept current. You must not register as a Member under multiple identities or personas (whether false or not).

Where you provide us with personal information about another individual, you must ensure, and you warrant to us that you have that individual’s permission to provide us with that information on the basis of the terms of this Privacy Policy.

You consent to Traveldrift sending you emails relating to your membership, transactions and other activities on the Website, and for promoting and marketing other Traveldrift products and services to you. Traveldrift may also send regular electronic newsletters to Members. Newsletters will contain clear and obvious instructions for how you can unsubscribe from the mailing list.

We keep track of the pages visited within our website in order to determine which areas of the website are proving most valuable and to improve the services we offer to our users. Although you agree that we may publish or otherwise use and distribute aggregated statistics about these patterns, Traveldrift will not disclose information about individual machines or users.

We may, on some occasions, store cookies on your computer. You may manually disable cookies at any time by changing your browser settings. Check your browser's Help for details. This should not affect your ability to view the site.

For the purpose of operating our business, information we collect about you will need to be disclosed in the following specific circumstances:

  1. When you pay by credit card on our website, your credit card details will be sent to the Bank of New Zealand via DPS in an encrypted format using secure socket layer technology (or another registered bank we use from time to time using similar security mechanisms).
  2. When you make a confirmed booking, a summary of your details will be sent to the relevant Tourism Supplier so it is able to adequately provide the booking “as advertised” to you, this may include you contact details so that the Tourism Supplier can contact you urgently about your booking if necessary.
  3. If relevant, information provided by you such as dietary requirements, allergies, and comments from you will also be provided to the Tourism Supplier.


To eliminate identity fraud, the Tourism Supplier should ask you to provide photo identification when you present for your activity, tour or other product, to ensure that your identity matches the booking identity. A record and/or copy of this photo ID may be retained by the Tourism Supplier to minimise the risk of fraudulent credit card usage and for verification purposes with your credit card provider in the event of disputation. This identification information may be supplied to Traveldrift by the Tourism Supplier.
Where we suspect fraud of any kind we reserve the right to contact your bank and disclose relevant information to it.

Termination of registration

Traveldrift reserves the right to decline to register you and to suspend or to terminate your registration at any time in our absolute discretion without entering into further discussions with you. Members who have registered under multiple aliases will have all of their aliases disabled. You may terminate your membership at any time by contacting us in writing and requesting that your membership be terminated. Once you terminate your membership, we may retain your personal information for as long as reasonably required for our business purposes and for prudent record keeping.

Registered Users

When you become a registered user of this website, personal information will be collected from you. If you do not provide the information requested when you attempt to register, you cannot become a registered user of this website. You may correct any errors in the information you have provided at any time.
Traveldrift will NEVER contact you to ask you for your username and password.

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