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Ziptrek Ecotours - Moa 4 Line Tour

Ziptrek Ecotours is a spectacular and exhilarating zipline eco-adventure through the forest canopy high above Queenstown, situated on Skyline Gondola hill.

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Town / City
2 hours
Age Restrictions
Minimum age of 6 years
Address / Event
meeting place
Office: 45 Camp Street Queenstown

Check in Treehouse: Top of the gondola hill, 100m to the left of the top terminal building.
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This event requires a
minimum booking of 2 people.
The perfect starter to your adventure experience in Queenstown. The Moa comprises four ziplines, starting and finishing at the top of the Skyline gondola. Moa is designed to start low and slow and gradually build your confidence as it gets progressively longer, higher and faster. All ages love the interaction this aerial tour has to offer.

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