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Ziptrek Ecotours - Kea 6 Line Tour

Ziptrek Ecotours is a spectacular and exhilarating zipline eco-adventure through the forest canopy high above Queenstown, situated on Skyline Gondola hill.

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Town / City
3 Hours
Age Restrictions
Minimum age of 6 years
Address / Event
meeting place
Office: 45 Camp Street Queenstown

Check in Treehouse: Top of the gondola hill, 100m to the left of the top terminal building.
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This event requires a
minimum booking of 2 people.
Faster, longer and finishing with a zipline that descends 30 storeys at speeds of up to 70kph, the Kea tour is a unique way to get down the mountain. This stunningly beautiful guided journey through ancient native beech forest comprises of six ziplines and a 20min downhill trek through native beech forest.

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