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This is our version of the ever popular TV series. Now you can experience a little of what it's like to survive off the land, with nothing but a knife and the few things you have on your person, or items that may have been discarded by people before you.

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Child age is 14yrs & Under
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Your Guide will pick you up from your Queenstown accommodation
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Surviving is all about being in control; Control of your environment; Control of the situation; But most importantly control of your emotions when in a stressful situation.
How do I stay warm & cook food, when I have no way to make a fire?
I want to protect myself from the elements, yet I have no hut or tent?
What plants do I pick that are safe to eat, especially when Iím under pressure?
Which plant do I eat for pain relief and how do I prepare it?
How do I find north the celestial way OR using nothing but my digital watch?
What do I do to filter this water so that it's safe to drink?
Where do I lay my trap to catch food and what do I make it with?
What's my best chance of survival if I'm falling through a frozen lake or a bog?
Why do musterer's prefer not to use the new light weight walking poles?
How do I make a leaf compass so I can find my way?
On this half day walk you will be introduced to the wilderness of Aotearoa and learn a few of the skills that you will need to stay alive, in the back country of New Zealand - Aotearoa.

WALKING TIME: 3.5 hours (approx)
WALKING DISTANCE: 3-6kms (optional - average fitness required)
TRACK: Well-formed, some short steep sections
DEPARTURES: Year round at 8.00am or 1:30pm
PICKUP: Pickup from all Queenstown accommodations
MINIMUM NUMBERS: Two persons (adult) or equivalent price
HIGHLIGHTS: Learning to be self sufficient in the wilderness.

- Sturdy walking footwear, runners are OK
- Bottled Water
- A warm/sun hat
- Wet/wind/warm clothing for changeable weather
- Small daypack
- A reasonable level of fitness will ensure an enjoyable walk
- Pick up from your Queenstown accommodation
- Snacks - including tea/coffee biscuits or muffins
- Friendly & knowledgeable local guides
- Commentary and interpretation of flora, fauna, history, and geology
- Some warm & wet weather gear is available on loan

PRICES: Regular Price - Adult NZ$140.00 Child NZ$105.00
Privately Guided Price - Adult NZ$240.00 Child NZ$205.00

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