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Wildside Walks Wilderness Experience - An intimate luxury wilderness experience

Wildside Walks can co-ordinate your trip to New Zealand with:
- Wilderness trout fishing (helicopter access)
- Free range hunting
- Bush walks / camping
- Golf
- Flights, accommodation and other activities available at our range of lodge connections throughout NZ

For further information go to www.wildsidewalks.co.nz, ph. 027 4442 669, email [email protected]

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This product is Weather Dependant, it is recommended that you contact the
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Wildside Walks can plan and guide you on the trip you always wanted.

- Experience the birds eye view as you fly into the start of your walk.
- Mountain tops to valley floor.
- Day walk or overnight in huts or ‘fly/camp’.

You bring yourself, a good pair of footwear, a camera and a bit of enthusiasm … We can supply everything else including:

- Planning the experience you want to have (one day or more).
- Arrange pick up and drop off to your door.

Wildside Walks aims to let you experience the New Zealand tops, bush and rivers in an enjoyable way. Irrespective of your fitness or experience we can plan a trip that will allow you to enjoy the views, bush, birds, rivers and hospitality our back country has to offer.

A normal trip starts with a discussion on the options available (night before or earlier) and what you would like to experience.

We normally fly (by helicopter) to a start point, have a brew and then wander out towards civilisation. This can take one to four days depending on your fitness level and available time. Longer if you want to settle in by a river and read a book in between relaxing, fly fishing and looking for deer through the binoculars.

We have a range of routes available and any person reasonably fit with a "can do" attitude will be able to handle the opportunities available.

Weather conditions do change rapidly in the bush and suitable clothing is a must, if required we can arrange this for you.

Wildside Walks will provide all food (and additional packs so you get to help carry it) along with a guide so all you have to do is enjoy the journey.

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