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Tandem Skydiving - Queenstown

It takes a certain kind of person to jump from an aircraft at 15000ft into thin air. It
takes courage. Harnessed by space age materials to an experienced qualified
Jumpmaster, you step out that aircraft door and for some 60 seconds you
plummet towards the ground at 200KPH, Terminal Velocity.

This map displays a best estimate of the address provided.

Town / City
Allow 3.5 hours
Age Restrictions
No age limit
Address / Event
meeting place
35 Shotover Street,
Central Queenstown
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This product is Weather Dependant, it is recommended that you contact the
supplier 24 hours prior to departure to re-confirm your departure details.
NZONE ‘Skydive’
Tandem Skydiving - Queenstown

Queenstown skydive dropzone is located 20 minutes from central Queenstown in a
rural tranquil environment. Access to the drop zone is by courtesy coach departing
hourly (weather permitting) from central Queenstown.

Weight Limit :

Trip Duration :
Allow 3.5 Hours Return Trip (Queenstown)
Trips depart Hourly Starting 8.30am

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