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Skydive Franz

NZ's Highest - 18000ft

This map displays a best estimate of the address provided.

West Coast
Town / City
Franz Josef Glacier
Approx 2 hours
Age Restrictions
weight restrictions apply
Address / Event
meeting place
Skydive Franz
Next to the Glacier Guides
Main Road
PO Box 77
Franz Josef Glacier

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This product is Weather Dependant, it is recommended that you contact the
supplier 24 hours prior to departure to re-confirm your departure details.
18,000ft New Zealand's highest skydive. A backdrop of Aoraki/Mount Cook & Tasman, Franz & Fox glaciers, rainforest & ocean is breathtaking. Our Kiwi team and epic surroundings provide simply the best skydiving experience available in NZ!
Choose from:

12,000 feet - 45+ seconds freefall
15,000 feet - 60+ seconds freefall
18,000 feet - 75+ seconds freefall

6-8 minutes of parachute ride.
Our Jump team are all New Zealanders for a true New Zealand experience.

We use the world's most advanced and most comfortable parachute systems.

Our aircraft are maintained and operated to the highest standard in the industry.

Take your skydive experience to "The Next Level"

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