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Rotorua Day Tour - Ex Tauranga

With its thermal springs, boiling mudpools,steaming fissures & geysers, Rotorua, nestled among crater lakes of crystalline colour & clarity is a 'must see". Experience this thermal activity & indigenous culture at the Te Puia Maori Cultural Centre, with its Maori Welcome and concert, flax weaving and wood carving.

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Bay of Plenty
Town / City
Approximately 6 hours
Address / Event
meeting place
Tauranga. We will pick you up from your local accommodation or cruiseship.
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This event requires a
minimum booking of 2 people.
Travel from shipside or your local accommodation, via Mount Maunganui waterfront, to Kiwi 360, then through forest & native bush to Okere Falls. In Rotorua, visit Te Puia Maori Cutural Centre for their Maori Welcome & concert, flax weaving & wood carving in action, thermal activity & kiwi(bird). Proceed to the Government Gardens & the historic Bath-house. Return to Tauranga via a different scenic route, through Tauranga's CBD, across the harbour bridge to shipside or your accommodation.
The tour may be done in reverse order to fit in with venue times.
Cost: $130.00 (adult) ; 10-14 yrs $90.00

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