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Otago Peninsula Wildlife Tour

See what cannot be seen from land! Experiencing this cruise is a must while exploring the Otago Peninsula.

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3 1/2 hours
Address / Event
meeting place
20 Fryatt St
Dunedin 9054
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This event requires a
minimum booking of 2 people.
Cruise the beautiful Otago Harbour, passing the historic fishing village of Careys Bay and the working port of Port Chalmers. Learn the history and geology of the area.
Experience our one hour wildlife cruise where you will have unrivalled viewing of the exciting diversity of wildlife which abounds on and around spectacular Taiaroa Head; the only mainland nesting place for Northern Royal Albatross in the world!
Travel by road along the scenic Otago Peninsula, taking in spectacular harbour and ocean views.

Adults: $89 Children: $32

Departure times:
Summer (October - April): 9am or 3:30pm
Winter (April - September): 12:30pm

For bookings or availability please make an enquiry.

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