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Otago Peninsula Premier Tours

Experience all the Peninsula has to offer!

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Town / City
8 hours
Address / Event
meeting place
20 Fryatt Street,
Dunedin 9054
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This event requires a
minimum booking of 4 people.
Travel by road along the scenic Otago Peninsula, seeing various species of wading birds in their natural habitats.
Take a guided tour at the Royal Albatross Centre viewing the Northern Royals from the observatory. Time here to purchase or enjoy lunch.
A rare chance to see and learn about the Yellow Eyed Penguin, the most endangered in the world during a guided walking tour at Penguin Place.
Experience our unrivalled one hour Wildlife Cruise then relax on the beautiful Harbour cruise back to the city.

Adults: $235 Children: $118

Tour starts 10:30am

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