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"SPOT X".The Bay of Islands is famouse for its blue water sportsfishing. Blue, Black and striped Marlin over our summer months.

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Town / City
Far North
all day.
Age Restrictions
None 10 years and up recomended.
Address / Event
meeting place
main wharf Paihia, Bay of Islands.
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This product is Weather Dependant, it is recommended that you contact the
supplier 24 hours prior to departure to re-confirm your departure details.
PRICE IS CHARTER RATE UP TO 4 ANGLERS UNLESS BY NEGOTIATION. An all day adventure, or multi day if required. Fishing our coastal waters for Marlin, sharks and Tuna.
Our species that arrive in our waters Late December through May are,Blue Marlin, Black Marlin,Sriped Marlin, Broadbill sword fish, MahiMahi,shortbill spearfish, Yellow fin,Bluefin,Big eye, Bonito and Albacore.
We have the expertise to pursue these magnificant Gladiators of the sea and put you in the action.

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