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Kepler Track Overfly

60Km trek over 3 nights/4 days or you can run the Kepler Track and try and break the 4 hour 37 minute record. Not for you then come with us for a floatplane ride around this spectacular alpine trail.

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Town / City
Te Anau
20 - 25 minutes
Age Restrictions
Address / Event
meeting place
Wings & Water Te Anau Ltd.
65 Lakefront Drive,
Te Anau.
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This product is Weather Dependant, it is recommended that you contact the
supplier 24 hours prior to departure to re-confirm your departure details.
This event requires a
minimum booking of 2 people.
The Kepler Mountians are a short distance from the Te Anau township, photographed from afar and yet the best veiws are hidden to the west. A Scenic Flights will take you over the Alpine sections of the Kepler Track, snow capped pecks and emerald green mountian lakes. Lake Manapouri is next, with it's many islands and deep dark blue waters will guide us back to Lake Te Anau. If requested a drop off at one of the many beaches can be arranged for a short bush walk back to Te Anau.

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