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Hobbiton Express Tour

Take a magical journey through Middle-earth to the Hobbiton Movie Set from the Lord of the Rings trilogy

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Auckland City
8 hours
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Pick up and drop off from inner city Auckland accommodation
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Travel south from Auckland over the Bombay Hills to the rich farmland of the Waikato region. You travel through the heritage town of Cambridge where tree-lined streets add to the English-style atmosphere. From here your journey takes you through undulating green hills reminding you that you are approaching Hobbiton Shire.

On arrival at Shire’s Rest you embark on your Hobbiton movie set tour. This location is the largest “green set” in the world and the only place where you get an emotional response with a movie set in a natural setting. You see 44 hobbit holes, the Mill and double arch bridge, the party tree and visit the Green Dragon Inn. At this stunning location you can take a photo at the door of Bilbo’s house, “Bag End”, looking out over the whole set to the hills in the distance.

After the tour your lunch is included at Shire’s Rest Café before heading back to Auckland before the traffic builds up on the Southern Motorway.

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