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Half Day Horse Treks over Rangitikei Hill Country

Having some riding experience, you either rode extensively a few years before, or have recently got into riding, and you want more than a two hour trek can deliver. Well, step up to a Half Day Horse Trek with River Valley Stables over Rangitikei Hill Country, Taihape, New Zealand

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Town / City
Half Day
Age Restrictions
12 years
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meeting place
River Valley Lodge
Mangahoata Rd
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This product is Weather Dependant, it is recommended that you contact the
supplier 24 hours prior to departure to re-confirm your departure details.
Having trouble finding a riding experience that delivers more than the standard Two hour Horse ride?

Ridden before, and feel you are up to more?

Time to mount up for a Half Day Horse Trek.

This horse trek incorporates 3-4 hours on horse back. You take on more demanding trails than our shorter rides. While riding you explore the foothills of a major local landmark known as Pukeokahu (Hill of the Hawk).

This trail ride also gives you the opportunity to experience views of Mt Ruapehu and the northern Ruahine ranges, and incorporates stopping at some spectacular viewing points overlooking the Rangitikei River canyon.

The Trouble is, the whole idea of an organised horse trek

However the problems are, the whole idea of an organised horse trek with quite likely people who cannot sit a saddle, and maybe too many of them, and the whole time at a walk, does absolutely nothing for you.

You want to travel reasonably quickly, get a few chances to move faster than a trot, and check out some great scenery. Add to that you learnt to ride in a certain riding style, and don't want to have to put up with a Western saddle if you ride English, and vice versa.

And will the horses have more life than a mule? (nothing against mules which are a great animal in their place).

Reasonable Requests are they Not?

Reasonable request is it not - move quickly, great scenery, no beginners, good horse, and the right saddle? Not asking too much are you?

Absolutely Not!

Group size will be small, with a maximum of 8. Everyone on the trek must have prior riding experience, and this does not mean a pony ride at the beach, consequently the ride moves quickly.

River Valley Stables guides will take special care to ensure that we match the right horse, (and we do have a good range in the herd), with the right saddle, to you. We carry Western, English and Australian stock saddle styles.

And the scenery........, goes without saying doesn't it?

The only real question you need to ask yourself now, is whether this ride will really be enough, or maybe you should instead look at a Full Day!

What about the Weather?

If you are worried about the weather on the day, don't be. We will fully refund your payment if we deem the weather to be unsafe, or simply too atrocious to undertake this horse ride.

All riding equipment is supplied, including boots, helmets, chaps, and long oil skin riding coats. Refreshments and snacks are also supplied.

Season - All Year, however only morning departures are available from the 1st June to 30th September.

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