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Grade 5 White Water Rafting on the Rangitikei River

You can experience one of the world's top half day Grade 5 rafting trips on the beautiful Rangitikei River on the central North Island of New Zealand.

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Town / City
Half Day
Age Restrictions
Minimum age of 13 years
Address / Event
meeting place
River Valley Lodge
Mangahoata Road
Taihape 4792
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This product is Weather Dependant, it is recommended that you contact the
supplier 24 hours prior to departure to re-confirm your departure details.
In New Zealand there are many opportunities to join a rafting trip and often the river trip that is taken is whatever happens to be closest.

But Have You Asked what it is that You Really Want from a White Water Rafting trip?

Every river is different in character, offering a different type of experience.

So what if what you are really looking for is plenty of rapids? Lots of drops, steep chutes, rapids that are challenging, rapids where you have to work as part of the team.

Rapids with Consequences

How would you know what to look for?

Here are some Answers

*What you need to look for is a Grade 4 or Grade 5 trip. But even that is not enough.
*How many rapids are there is it just one Grade 4 or Grade 5 rapid, or a whole section of them?
*How long is the trip? Is it a half day or longer trip, or is it a 30 minute float with a couple of drops?

Is it a Half Day Grade 5 trip that You are After?

If it is a half day trip that you are after, then the Grade 5 section of the Rangitikei River could be just what you are looking for.

Often recognised as one of the top half day Grade 5 Rafting Trips in the world, your trip on the Rangitikei starts off easier, with sections of fun Grade 2 and Grade 3 rapids, great practice for what lies ahead!

Over a two to three hour period, and 12 kms of river, you will experience rapids that start at that easy end, and culminate in the gorge, a section of the river where 10 major rapids, from Grade 3+ to Grade 5, line up one after the other to thrill you and excite you.

Some of these rapids are short and sharp, while others carry on for several hundred meters.

And Where Does the Trip Finish?

Right outside the front door of River Valley Lodge for hot showers. No getting changed on river banks!

Many river guides have called the Grade 5 rafting section of the Rangitikei River, the Perfect Half Day Rafting Trip.

An easy start, building up to a fun filled finish.

Hold it a minute, you have questions right?

You May Wonder

*Will I be fit enough?
*Will I fall out?
*How safe is it?
*Is this trip really for me?

You do need an average level of fitness as you will be required to help paddle the raft.

You may fall out, in fact 5% of people have an unplanned exit from the raft.

Rafting the Grade 5 section of the Rangitikei River is not 100% safe. There are absolutely no guarantees that nothing untoward will happen.

This trip is not for everyone. Who it is for, is for you.

The person who knows what they want in a whitewater rafting experience - fun, thrills, excitement, and a real sense that what you do on that raft, with your paddle, actually makes a difference.

Freaking Wicked!

This is what other rafters with us regularly say;

"Freaking wicked. Best value for money on our trip so far. Crew was excellent. I wouldd do it again for sure.

Or - Awesome day! Great guide with obvious experience and background on grade 5 rapids. Beautiful ride in all.

And - You should not be scared because it was just amazing! Sooo cool! I really enjoyed the rafting so just do it!

Over 4000 people raft this section of the Rangitikei River each year.

People like you, wanting the best in white water rafting excitement..

Since 1980 our family have been rafting this river, 3 generations of river guides, unparalleled in New Zealand.

How Often Do Trips Depart?

Trips depart twice daily from 1st October to 30th April Briefing times are 8.30am and 1.00pm. Trips depart once per day from 1st May to 30th September - briefing time is 8.30am.

Departures are River Level dependent. We will not put on if the river is outside our safe operating limits.

Are You Still Asking, - Why Raft the Grade 5 Section of the Rangitikei River?

This trip is simply one of the top, half day Grade 5 rafting trips in the world. That's why.

What we Provide:
Wetsuit, helmet, lifejacket, neoprene booties, fleece top, paddle jacket, and on cooler days, neoprene gloves and neoprene socks

What you need to Bring:
Towel, Swimsuit and a thirst for adventure

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