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Brewery Tour

Brewery Tours of the famous McCashin's Brewery - daily 11am and 2pm (Monday-Sat)

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Town / City
45 mins
Age Restrictions
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meeting place
660 Main Road, Stoke, Nelson
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McCashin’s Brewery was started in 1981 by Terry McCashin, the same year as the infamous underarm bowling incident. The only beer available in New Zealand at the time was sweet and bland and brewed by Lion or DB. This period was termed the “beer drinking dark ages”. Terry has been credited as starting the craft beer revolution in New Zealand when he opened the Brewery and introduced New Zealander’s to Real Ale. Lion Nathan purchased the Macs brand from the family in 1999 and leased the Brewery in Stoke until 2009 when McCashin’s Brewery was re-opened in 2009 by Terry’s eldest son Dean. The Brewery is housed in the historic Rochdale Cider Factory and Rochdale Cider is still brewed on site. A great tourist destination offering daily brewery tours, tastings, cafe, bottlestore and bar.

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