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16 Day AMPLIFIED New Zealand Adventure Tour

16 day tour of both the North & South Island of NZ! Great for all ages (18+) & fitness levels. Our jam-packed small group tour (16 people max) takes you off the beaten track, takes you through all the highlights and lets you add-on lots of discounted activities - some adventurous, some not so much!

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Auckland City
16 Days
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In Auckland, our starting address is YHA International, 5 Turner St. at 8am.

In Christchurch, our starting address is 518 Linwood Ave at 8am.
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You are about to invoke on a journey of a lifetime! Our award-winning 16 day tour is the ultimate New Zealand Adventure Tour. Our tour takes you across the best of both the North & South Island of New Zealand. Not only do we take you to the best towns and cities (11 of them), our tour takes you off the beaten track too! Our tour guides are born and bred kiwi’s, and know this country inside out. They will take you to all of the hidden spots along the way, places you’d never be able to see if you toured by yourself!

At Haka Tours, we are all about value. Our tours are jam-packed with value, and we take advantage of all discounts we can to bring you a tour at an amazing price. Here is what you get with your Haka Tour:

- All of your accommodation included (in quality, up-market hostels)
- All of your transport included on our modern, air-conditioned buses.
- A delicious breakfast.
- Lots of free bonus activities and passes, including an authentic Maori experience in Rotorua.
- A guided tour of each of the places you visit.

Our tours are small groyps, with a maximum of 16 people per group. This means that you will have a personalized experience, plus you will be sure to get to know your tour mates and make amazing friends.

Our 16 Day AMPLIFIED Tour is our most popular, and for a great reason – it takes you to amazing places! Take a look at where you’ll be going on your tour:

DAY 1: Auckland to Coromandel
DAY 2: Coromandel to Waitomo
DAY 3: Waitomo to Rotorua
DAY 4: Rotorua to Taupo
DAY 5: Taupo
DAY 6: Taupo to Wellington
DAY 7: Wellington
DAY 8: Wellington to Kaikoura
DAY 9: Kaikoura to Christchurch
DAY 10: Christchurch to Lake Tekapo
DAY 11: Lake Tekapo to Queenstown
DAY 12: Queenstown
DAY 13: Queenstown to Wanaka
DAY 14: Wanaka to Franz Josef
DAY 15: Franz Josef
DAY 16: Franz Josef to Christchurch

NOTE: Our tours run from either Auckland to Christchurch, or Christchurch to Auckland. Check date availability. The following tours leave from Christchurch and complete the itinerary backwards. All other tours listed on our website leave from Auckland:

18 September
1 November
15 December
28 January

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